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19 October 2023 - Puskás Aréna Budapest
Sport Forum Hungary 2023

Tibor Fülöp

Sport science consultant, Hungarian University of Sport Science

Sportdirector of the Sports Medicine Center, sports science consultant. As an A-licensed coach of the German Cycling Federation, he has been primarily involved in sport-specific performance diagnostics for endurance athletes and personalised training planning since 1993. He has been involved in coaching education for more than 15 years as a specialist instructor. His specialities include complex performance diagnostics, training planning, spiroergometric testing and lactate pacing for cyclists and runners.

  • Can artificial intelligence replace the coach?
    11:30-12:30: Prevention, mental and physical strengthening in sports - Hall of winners

    Can artificial intelligence replace the work of coaches? Tibor Fülöp, sport science consultant at the Hungarian University of Sport Science, analyses this important question in detail. Find out how technology and human knowledge can work together in sport.

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