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19 October 2023 - Puskás Aréna Budapest
Sport Forum Hungary 2023

László Fábián

Olympic champion
General secretary, Hungarian Olympic Committee

László Fábián, Olympic, world and European pentathlete, sports director, member of the National Olympic Committee since 1996, has been the NOC's Director of Sport since the beginning of 2013, then acting Secretary General, and from 1 April 2022 Secretary General of the organisation. He will also become President of the Hungarian Olympic Champions Club in 2021.

  • Dual career program of the Hungarian Olympic Committee
    9:30-10:35: Directions of sportstrategy - Hall of champions

    László Fábián, Secretary General of the Hungarian Olympic Committee, presents the dual career programme, which creates new opportunities for athletes. Discover how the Hungarian Olympic Committee helps to combine sport and career and supports the successful future of athletes!

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